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eBay alternatives in the UK 2018
With ebay fees increasing, more and more people are searching for cheaper or free ebay alternatives to sell their items online. It's now almost impossible for small sellers to make a profit on eBay. eBay isn't the only selling website out there, there are plenty of cheaper if not free auction websites to sell your products. Today we are going to be having a look at 3 reccomended ebay alternative s to sell your products on.

PriceWow is an 100% free online auction and fixed price marketplace.
Pricewow is a great free ebay alternative with no listing fees or end of sale fees.

Webstore is another great ebay alternative for buying and selling just about anything.
Webstore doesn't charge listing fees or final value fees.

3. eBid
eBid charge a small final value fee of 3%. They also have an option to upgrade to seller plus lifetime for just £49.99.

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